29th August 2017

creative writing

The road reaches out to you, it draws you in, captivating your blue eyes to the dark deep road. Lights flash, hearts beat and smiles vanish. It’s dark although lights line the road showcasing the cataclysm for all. Your car lies silently under the star-struck sky, the stars distorted through your tear-streaked eyes and shattered windows. Grass, barren and dry, surrounds the area offering no support or hope. The odd tree stands alone, dark and depressed as he realizes that his friends are gone. Forever.

Look. Light’s blind your white skin against the black leather. The moon peers down from above, a bystander in a crowd of stars. It creates a ghostly white over the scene of distress. Ghosts come out laughing and scoffing at the hopeless scene below, They hand over dollar bills from bets lost and won. Grins from ear to ear as they confer with each other, Toothy smiles and shadowless bodies. You lie head to the stars, drifting off as the image mesmerizes you. Blinded, by a bright white light, woken to feel the shivers of the cold breeze. The road now bored with the scene, no longer distressed as it’s arms retreat into the darkness. Gone.

The sun is gone and out comes the darkness. Clouds move quickly to conceal the mesmerizing stars, a blanket of darkness covers you. White hands of a stranger hide you like a feather hides the bird. Innocence is powdered over your face, angelic and quiet. You smile, nothing is wrong. A white dress of innocence blends in with your pearly complexion, swirling around your ankles against the dim, gloomy road. Everyone watches you, fascinated by your happiness as you dance across the road floating around. Attracted to the road, your pupils enlarge as you become bewildered by the calling of the road.

Listen. The road is calling your name, as you wander around flustered in the darkness. You are brought back down to earth as reality overwhelms you. The smell of fear hits your nostrils as the truth hits you. Shock chokes your words as you try to understand what has happened, what have you done. Your once pearly complexion looks ghost white to the bystanders. Shattered windows creak trying to hold up to your expectations that everything is okay. The odd tree has been swallowed by the darkness set over the scene, ready for another day of loneliness. Coming back to the road hearing its condolences, drawn to its words as they captivate you. There is a rhythm in the road reminding you of home. You can hear the memory of cars zooming past and the steady beat of feet on the path next to your bustling city that is home.

And still, you stand there mesmerized by the beauty of the smashed windows and the tear-streaked cheeks. Your fingers stroke the rough hubcap, then reach towards the moon to touch the innocence you wish you felt. But it’s done, you experienced it, you survived it.

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  1. Lilly, well done on getting started.

    Remember not to “tell” to many details- your readers want to be able to put their own impressions on the scene you are writing.

  2. Lilly, for your final touch ups, I suggest you look at:

    – How to ensure your opening is captivating
    – Showing rather than telling some of your details. You can achieve this through use of personification, metaphor or any other language features we have discussed in class.
    – Avoid sentences that begin in a similar way or have a similar formula; it can make your piece feel listed.


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